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saturday night - So much shouting, so much laughter

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May 26th, 2009

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01:22 pm - saturday night
The bout on Saturday went great. I had some pre-bout nerves but they pretty much went away after I put my gear on and started warming up. Everything went (fairly) smoothly, or as smoothly as these things can go, anyway. My one big mistake was not warming up enough, as I had some annoying shin/calf pain and tightness through the first period. I know that always happens to me when I first start skaing hard, so there's no excuse for not getting it out of the way before the bout. I guess I thought I'd warmed up enough, but now I know better.

Extra bonus: Maine won the bout. I hope I get to do it again next time.

There's a (surprisingly not terrible) photo of me after the bout here.

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